A domain name


It is a common thing that people are always mixing the web hosting with a domain name. There is a big difference between these two. A domain name is more like an address that leads to your website. On the other hand, web hosting is the place where your website is stored. So in a way, your domain name leads to your web hosting server. It is an address where your website resides.

The steps to register your domain name

You will need a name, to begin with. Think of something catchy and unique. Most of the time, it will happen that a name that you chose will be taken so it is better to come up with a few variations. Then, you will need to pay a visit to one of the domain registrars. After you check that your name is not taken, you are free to order it and pay a registration fee. The most important step is to pair in your web host and your domain name. This is done by changing the DNS record. When all is set, you are free to start using your domain.


What registering a domain means actually?

It means that you now own a small piece of the Internet space. It is like buying a real estate. It is totally the same. It is really important to have some information from your web host because you will need it to fill in MX record information and DNS record. These records are in charge of your content which gets displayed when someone navigates your domain. They also control your email address, sending and receiving, as well as your hosting package that is associated with your domain. If the information is not accurate, the content will not be displayed and the page will not load up.

Now, every domain has an extension. It is usually .com or .net. These extensions are referred to as top level domains. These top level domains are mostly opened for public registration but there are some very strict rules. If you want to register a country code top level domain, you can not come from the corresponding country.

A great thing about TLDs are the characteristics that you can read from them. If a domain ends with .biz, it usually means that domain serves for various types of businesses, just like .edu stands for education. These extensions make running these domains much easier and they simplify things a bit in order for everyone to better understand it.

Things you should know about web hosting services


Most of the people that are already making their money are not really interested in how web hosting services work, and in some cases that can be a good idea. On the other hand understanding, all the services that a web hosting service is responsible for and what you can get from that service is very important for a business and the way it will grow. In today’s digital age we are on the brink of the next technological advancement and everybody can become rich or famous if they play their cards right. To have that ability they have to first have their presence established on the online platforms. If you are in the market for a blog or a website that can offer your products to the world, you have to have at least basic knowledge in web hosting services. But to fully understand how a web hosting service works, you have to dedicate your time not just to your project, but you have to also understand the platform where your project is growing.

To be at the top of your game you have to be one step ahead of the online services and know what they are offering at any given time. So, the key issues that everyone should focus on when it comes to web hosting services are:

Understand the infrastructure

Every web hosting service has tons of opportunities for different levels of businesses that want to start leaving their digital footprint. Usually, web hosting services are offered on a Linux server or a Windows server. But that is not all. The servers can be VPN(virtual private networks), dedicated servers, shared servers, cloud-based servers, and much more. Before you get into the details of any web hosting service and before you start working with them, you should consider learning the infrastructure of that web hosting service.

Understand all the services they offer


When you want to start your business on a new web hosting service you have to understand all the services that they offer. If for instance, they don’t offer good protection that can be a big problem for your content and for your future operations. A good web hosting service will be able to walk you through all the details and they will explain everything in detail and offer their services for any future problems. Try to stay ahead of the game here also as not understanding how they can help you or how you can not take full advantage of their service can hurt your product or your business.

Check the quality of their customer support

In today’s online market everyone is fighting to keep their customers happy. A good web hosting service will have superb customer support. A customer support that can fix issues without you even reporting them is a customer support of our dreams, however, most people would settle down for a customer support that will fix issues once reported.

Everything you need to know about web hosting


Here is a perfect opportunity for everyone who wants to learn all about web hosting. In this introduction, some certain facts about web hosting as well as definitions will be established just for your clarification. This is meant to give you a fundamental understanding of what web hosting is and how it works.

The first and the most important question is: what is web hosting? There are many answers to this question but, the shortest one and the most accurate one would be that it is a place that has only one purpose, to store websites. Just picture it as a storage room where you can place your computer files like images, videos, HTML files or documents of any kind.

Servers and file sharing

Usually, a company rents their servers or computers so that you can find an online place where you can store your files while being provided with the Internet connectivity. That connectivity makes your computer available to the other computers as well. This way, you can share files from your computer to your website. That is why it is called web hosting. The company, in this case, is a host for your websites.

web-hostingSo, basically, when you say web hosting, you mean the server that hosts your website which is rented by some company, most of the time. This is not to be confused with the term data center because that is not the same thing. Web hosting is a company that offers web hosting services while a data center is just a facility where servers are held.

There are four different types of web hosting. The difference between them lays in reliability, server speed, required technical knowledge. control and storage capacity. The first type would be a shared hosting. This is when a web site shares the same server as thousands of other web sites. All these sites are sharing the same pool of server resources. Server resources can be the CPU or RAM. This type is known for low costs and it is the most common type of web hosting and you do not have to be a computer genius to figure out how it works.

VPS or virtual private server web hosting makes virtual servers out of one real server. This way, each web site has its own dedicated or a private server. This type is known for better security when it comes to the hosting environment but, the users are still sharing the same server with other users.

If you want to gain maximum control over your server where you can store your web sites, a dedicated server would be the way to do it. Dedicated hosting deals with this type of actions. You can get an access to your own server and your websites will be the only ones there.

If you are planning a high traffic on your web site or sites, cloud hosting would be the best web hosting type for you.