5 Ways That Free Web Hosting Is Bad for You and Your Site


Whenever somebody is in the market for a new website, they come across the option to host their website for free. We understand that everyone that is just entering the online world might consider this option as one of the best things that could happen to them, as they are trying to save cash and not spend so much in their first steps. However, the trick that these free sites pull is not going to cost you now, but will, in fact, cost you, even more, money down the line.

Here are some of the reasons why the free option when it comes to web hosting is actually bad for your site.

It’s not really free

Whenever somebody gets something for free, they did not get the item for free, they are just not aware of the price that they have paid. For instance, if you get a free host for your site, you might not be paying them a monthly fee, however you might be paying them in the form of data, or your content, or the fact that you are getting them free promotion and as soon as they want they can cut you off. Also, all these freemium sites work on a specific mechanism. They hook you up for a month or two for free and then they charge you for the most basic things and they are usually more expensive than the sites that will charge you from the first day.

Site can be removed at anytime

Whenever somebody hosts a website on a free web hosting service, they have to be aware that all their content and their site can just be shut down without any explanation. For this reason, people that are in the market for a web hosting service should avoid the free versions as nobody wants to get their data lost without explanations or a way to get them back.

You are not the owner of your content

Once you sign the free web hosting service contract, you are, in most cases, giving away the rights to your content that is being uploaded on the site. Remember what we said, nothing is really free.

You don’t have any control over the server

badWhenever someone hosts a website on a free server, there is no chance to get any control over the server. If your content needs to be moderated and something needs to be changed from the root option, tough luck because you are not in control. The more you read into all this the more you will realize that anytime you think you have some advantage you are in fact on the losing side.

Barely any customization options

Another thing when a free web hosting service offers you their options is that there are in fact no options. If there are any, it will be only the basic ones and nothing can be added in the future as they don’t want to give you the power to expand on their platform.