Which is the best place to host a forum on?


In today’s world, people are creating all kinds of different content on the web. Some of this content is made in a simple word press, and some are made with a delicate team of designers, programmers and other personnel that is needed to build up a professional site. However, once the question about hosting a forum is popped nobody seems to have the full answer. Hosting a forum can be difficult for several reasons and can be simple at the same time, in the end, it all boils down to the principal of the reason the forum is created and what kind of people will be visiting the forum.

Let’s get into the details what are the good and bad sides to hosting a forum on the multiple platforms we have in the web hosting service.

What can be the best place to host a forum?

Well depending on several factors, it can be both smart to host a form on a shared web hosting service, but on the other hand, it can also be good to host it on a dedicated server.

It would be smart to host a forum on a shared web service for the following reasons:

– It can be much cheaper to host a forum on a shared web service

– It can be easier to manage the forum here

– It is quite easy to move the forum to a bigger platform if the need arises.

On the other hand, hosting a forum on a dedicated server is good for the following reasons:

– The complete root control is in your hands when it comes to forum modifications

– The forum will be less susceptible to lag and slowdowns due to bigger traffic

– The forum will be better protected on the dedicated server and the data of all the individuals that are registered there

What can you expect from the people on your forum


This is also a very important factor, the demographic of the people visiting the forum. If these people are over 40 years of age, the forum won’t get tons of traffic and even if it does it won’t affect the average user of the forum. While the millennials can’t wait for anything more than a minute, the older generation has no issue waiting for a couple of minutes till something starts working. So an older demographic will certainly validate a shared web hosting service.

If the data is highly valuable than considering self-service web hosting

Depending on the data and the content that is going to be posted and moderated on the forum it might be a smart idea to have a self-service web hosting service. Here you and your team can manage all the fine details of the web server and once all the pieces are in place your forum can liven up at your desired pace and it can only be reached by people that you authorize, making it one of the safest ways to have a forum.