When people talk about web hosting, most are not up-to-date on the definition. So, let's explain it in short. Web hosting is all the services and tools that a web host provides to an individual or a business, for them to be able to put a website live online.

Different Types of Web Hosting Services in the UK

Whenever people talk about web hosting services many of them are not familiar with all the different options a UK web hosting service can provide. While we do talk about specific use-cases for different hosting types more down the page. The following can usually be applied to most people. If you're a small business/entrepeneur/blogger, then a decent shared hosting account is more than enough (do your research though, there are plenty of best website hosting uk comparisons out there). If you're looking to host a big e-commerce site, or forum, you'll something more robust like a VPS or a dedicated server.


You can find the most common types of web hosting below:

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • Dedicated Web Server
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  • Reseller Web Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting

5 Types Of Web Hosting

There are many different UK web hosting services, but most people usually chose between the five below.
Dedicated Web Server
Dedicated Web Server

Whenever somebody wants to host a website on one computer and be the only one on that server, it is considered a dedicated server. With this form of web hosting, you have total control over the physical drive on that server.

Shared Web Hosting
Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is when many sites decide to split the fee for hosting on a server. This is good because the price is more available, and if the site is not big it won't have big issues. However, if the site has lots of traffic it will be very slow to operate on this site.

Self Service Web Hosting
Self Service Web Hosting

The self-service web hosting is when you buy the dedicated server and all of its components, assemble it and configure it. This is for the people that like to micro-manage every aspect of their business and is not advised for the average businessman.

Managed WordPress Hosting
Managed WordPress Hosting

As WordPress sites are becoming more and more popular, a managed web hosting service is basically a service where your word press site will be kept safe and up-to-date. The managed part also includes any complications that might happen on the physical drive.

Cloud Based Web Hosting
Cloud Based Web Hosting

Cloud based web hosting is the newest and most impressive web hosting service there is. Once a website gets traffic way above its ability, the cloud-based servers start working together to help the site manage the traffic, instead of shutting it down for the night. This form of web hosting is becoming more popular and is paid based on the usage.


Cloud hosting is the newest and most advanced web hosting method there is at the moment for big business sites. Every time somebody hosts a site and they expect lots of traffic they have two options to consider. Either that the site traffic may overload the servers, and therefore the servers will shut down, or the servers can transfer the overload to the cloud where many servers will work together to alleviate the overload and hopefully manage the traffic. Payment of this web hosting service depends on the level of the cloud being engaged and the capacity of the traffic.


Whenever somebody host a website they are offered the option to create a backup. A backup is a smart way of saving the progress for future reference in case of any unforeseen situations. For example, if there is a power shortage, the backup can protect the data and keep the site going. On the other hand, if there is no backup all the data that was accumulated in that particular time that the site was supposed to go down, nothing would be saved.


Our services

When it comes to our services we take pride in the fact that we offer many different services and all at a reasonable price, competitive with the UK hosting market. With us, once you choose a package you get exactly what you paid for. No added fees, no excess luggage, cut and clean simply what you ordered. We offer many different services and packages, and for any further details we invite you to explore our site.


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